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movie4k Watch Online Mulan 2020 Movie

movie4k Watch Online Mulan 2020 Movie MV5BMjFlZjZkMTYtODM2Zi00OTM4LWIwYTktOTFjMmQzZDEzZDc4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4NjY5OTQ@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,629,1000_AL_;
runtime 115 Minute;
Year 2020;
directors Niki Caro;

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Having never seen the original animated film I had nothing to compare this movie to, and I’m glad I didn’t. I thought film was well done with good action and it was very beautiful to look at. I’m glad Disney didnt do a remake like The Lion King of I personally think were crap. This one was probably my favourite of the remakes. It’s okay to my family enjoyed it.
* There is no end credit scene.


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I like both versions but I dare to say I prefer this one over the animated one because this film caught me off guard with so many emotions and there were scenes that tears left my eyes without notice, even remembering scenes have me teared up. What hit me hard was its main theme in which was acceptance and the perspective was not only to be accepted but to also accept oneself, to be true. It was magical how powerful this word expands beyond the story of this film, the longing to belong in such a complicated world. The weak storyline doesn’t take away the spirit of the film.

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You have to NOT compare this movie to the original. It is it’s own movie entirely. Once you do that, you can appreciate it for what it is. It’s got beautiful cinematography, and the story is quite good. Don’t listen to the negative nancies on here, give it a try.
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The director Niki Caro and crew brought an enchanting profound adaptation. I loved this version, the differences made it feel more real and it doesn’t deviate from the main course of the animated movie, a story about a woman in a man’s world. Even though I loved it the storyline was not as strong as it could have been, making the film appear incomplete. There were a lot of magnificent scenes but cut short and I didn’t even notice how almost a two-hour film went by in a blink of an eye. It would have been perfect if it had one more hour for more character development, fighting sequences, and mainly one of the exquisite additions the channeling of the chi needed to be explored more.

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